It's time to spell it out

The Large and In Charge Story

So Large and in Charge is actually a company started by Lisa Regan after seeing one too many American phrased jumpers on the street and within our stores.

I wanted to create and develop a sweatshirt that genuinely suits everyone, from small to large. The sweatshirt comes from size small to 2xl and so do my customers. Large and in Charge is a nod to humour, common sense and a touch of Irish culture too. We are very funny people and love to connect and talk. We often don't even realise that we can pre program our responses and conversations, but that is just another layer to the Irish Psyche. Things like the weather, 'are ya busy? and then seasonal talk like 'how are you fixed for the Christmas? ' when is the mid term? or when on a nice fine day ' it's too warm or always talking in negatives 'oh its set to break on Wednesday. 

Also a little humour too about places in Galway especially like 'Pure Claddagh' or a take on the #fitfam phase with one of our best sellers 'KALE, QUOINA, COCAINE' everyone's staples! 

We are so terrified the scars of the last recession but yet there is still whispers now again of people saying 'The Boom is back' this along with Ara musha will you stop- are in our top 3 sellers, with Mayo for Sam leading the charges there.

The jumpers are fun but also great work so well with a pencil skirt, for active wear or paired with jeans. They are unisex so everyone can get involved.

They are €45 and are delivered to your door!